When Engi helped Veeru hit a six, he had to face the anger of his bowler


It is not possible to have a cricket match in India and Pakistan and not see tension on the field. Cricketers from both countries accept this. However, there are occasions on the field that such things become meaningless. The same happened with Virender Sehwag once.

If Sehwag is to be believed, he felt like hitting him for six during the match against Pakistan. For this, he asked Inzamam-ul-Haq, the captain of the opposition team, asked him to remove the fielder on the boundary. Inzamam also obeyed him and removed the fielder from there, where Sehwag had said to hit a six. However, Inzamam-ul-Haq suffered the wrath of his own bowler for doing so.

Sehwag narrated this funny anecdote in Vikram Sathia’s YouTube show What the Duck. Sehwag told, “We were playing a Test match in Bangalore. Was in very good form in that series against Pakistan. I had scored 201 runs in the first innings. I was batting. Inzamam ul Haq was fielding at slip. Kamran Akmal was wicketkeeping. When it was too late while batting, Fielder stood at long off, long on, deep midwicket. ‘

Sehwag told, “Danish Kaneria was bowling. He was repeatedly bowling on the pads. On this, I told my brother to call Long On up. Engineer asked why? I said I want to hit a six. So he started laughing. He said that you are joking. I said no I’m not kidding. Call up for a ball, if I don’t hit that ball for six, then send it again on long on the next ball. ‘

Sehwag told, “After saying so, Engi Bhai called Long On at mid-on. Danish Kaneria threw the ball and I hit a six. Kaneria got very angry after seeing this. He asks Engi bhai why Long on is called up? On this, Enji Bhai said, “You bow ball.” Sehwag told that Danish Kaneria did not know what the whole story was. Hearing this story of Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, who was present on the show, also laughed with Vikram Sathia.

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