‘The right time to collect rent from England,’ Indian veteran said before Test series


“Australia is dusting Australia, now it’s England’s turn, this match is at home and we are preparing in Chennai.” The Test series between India and England is to begin on February 5. Both the initial Tests are to be played in Chennai.

Aakash Chopra said on his YouTube channel, ‘We should know the importance of this series. Look at collecting revenue. This we started collecting rent from the time of ‘Lagaan’ (Aamir Khan’s film). Still have to do, because the last time we went to England, we lost the series there. A series that could have been closer. Had we done better on fragile occasions, we might have won the series, but had come back, brother. ‘

He said, “We have to go back to England now.” There are four bouts here, there are five. So in this series there is Mission Domination. If we can beat Australia in Australia, then it is your duty to beat England at home. We have to do that work. ‘

He said, ‘This series also has great importance to reach the final of the World Test Championship. This is the last series for both teams. Collect the points you want here so that you can decide your match with New Zealand at Lord’s. India’s prospects are high. If England has to reach there, it will have to struggle a lot. In this case, this series will be very fun.

Akash Chopra said, “Test matches are going to happen in Chennai after a long time. One thing you have to keep in mind in Chennai is that the ball turns there and the heat will also fall. However, you will have to make some friendships with the summer. It is not easy for us, so what about England? In such a situation, it will be difficult for them. Then that is the thing to be charged. Perfect time for that. It will be fun in this series. ‘

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